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AARK serves various sectors by recruiting candidates who possess the required job-specific and industry-specific skills. We categorically maintain a large database of candidate profiles which includes the profiles of candidates with skills, experience, qualifications, and interests. Moreover, we are supported by a team of HR Professionals who carefully analyze the need of the client’s organization and offer customized Recruitment Solutions. We capably undertake to hire for senior-level, mid-level, as well as junior-level job positions as per the need of clients.

Aark was founded as and remains a technology company. This focus ensures that all our associates benefit from our understanding of how technology is used in a range of industries our ability to get beyond keywords to fully understand Candidate’s capabilities and match those to Client’s needs. We leverage this subject matter expertise to source and place technology talent with businesses ranging from innovative start-ups to established industry leaders.

Our fulfillment process has been designed with your needs in mind. The process ensures that we focus on a standardized manner of providing service to all our clients, which guarantees quality service delivery. AARK recruits, interviews, and pre-screens candidates to bring you the most qualified, talented people with the background you require. We provide our clients in-depth information about the consultants recommended to the team, including their employment history, education, training, areas of expertise, and availability.

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Regardless of your process needs, you can be assured that we will submit only the most qualified candidates in a timely and professional manner, leaving you time to focus on your top priorities.

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We have been matching the right person to the right job for nearly 39 years. Find out what our experience can do for your business.

Aark Staffing is a full-service provider of general, professional, and skilled trades staffing services. We are your partner through business cycles, project deadlines, contingency planning, and staff augmentation.

We have a full range of solutions that include customized staffing programs, proprietary workforce management tools, and reporting technologies.

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Recruiting & Screening

Recruiting Strength

Our solid reputation and presence in the community attract a steady flow of candidates to meet our clients’ needs. In fact, over 30% of our applicants come from referral sources. We know and understand how to target remote markets and off-season businesses and can develop programs that target specific demographics or groups of individuals.

Screening/Skills Evaluation

We do not employ every person who applies at Aark Staffing. We meticulously interview, screen, and test every candidate because these individuals represent the quality of our service.

Interviewing: Our screening process begins with a thorough interview to give us insight into the candidate’s communication abilities, work history, and skill strengths.

Skills Testing: We use our proprietary math, matching, and instruction-following assessments coupled with a variety of Kenexa® Prove It!® validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, financial, healthcare, industrial, and technical job classifications. More advanced skill evaluation packages can be created upon client request.

Previous Work History References: We offer employment verification of an associate’s past work history upon client request.

Background Checks: We offer comprehensive background check options to help you confidently choose the right members for your team upon client request.

Confidentiality: To protect our clients’ confidential information, as well as the private information of their clientele, all associates are bound by a confidentiality clause contained in our new hire paperwork.

For additional information on our recruiting and screening services, please feel free to contact one of our staffing consultants.

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Hiring Options

Whether you need one employee for a one-day assignment or require many workers to complete a major project, Aark Staffing has the experience and expertise to meet your interim staffing needs.

Thousands of Aark Staffing’s clients have experienced the value of working with temporary-to-hire employees.

Regardless of the length and scope of the assignment, Aark Staffing understands the importance of providing a qualified professional who can step in and make an immediate contribution. Utilizing a contractor gives you the opportunity to bring in high-demand skills and experience quickly and, often, at a fraction of the cost associated with a direct hire.

Direct Hire
Your company’s success depends on quality people. Our direct hire service will allow you to concentrate on your core business instead of spending time and energy searching for qualified individuals to join your permanent team.

Referred Employee Payrolling
You’ve found the talent you want to hire, but insurance burdens, non-compliance fears, company policies, or lack of resources make it difficult—or impossible. It’s a problem many managers face, but the solution is simple: referred employee payrolling from Aark Staffing.

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